Antimicrobial therapy is generally given to HCT recipients to help prevent infections. Questions 407-427 are intended to obtain information on the infection prophylaxis regimen actually received by the recipient. In general, most centers have a standard cocktail of drugs used which include an antibacterial agent (or agents), antiviral agent, antifungal agent, and an anti-pneumocystis agent. Sometimes, recipients are on one of these medications prior to starting the preparative regimen and therefore it could be treating an infection or is being used as “secondary prophylaxis.” Information regarding primary and secondary prophylaxis can provide insight into the development of resistant infections.

Questions 407-427: Report the first infection prophylaxis drugs administered during the reporting period.

Indicate whether any antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-pneumocystis (PJP) drug(s) were given for infection prophylaxis during the reporting period. Include infection prophylaxis drugs started prior to day 0.

For each category of infection prophylaxis medications, indicate the drug which was administered closest to the start of the preparative regimen (or infusion if no preparative regimen was given) and started no later than day +45. This may include prophylaxis medications started prior to the start of the preparative regimen as long as they were continued at the start of the preparative regimen. Only one drug may be reported for antiviral, antifungal, and anti-pnuemocystis categories; however, multiple drugs may be reported under the antibacterial category if the drugs were started on the same date (and were administered closest to the start of the preparative regimen and prior to day +45). For example, if both cefepime and vancomycin were started as prophylaxis on the same day the preparative regimen was started, the center should report both medications under the antibacterial category. However, if cefepime was administered at the start of the preparative regimen and vancomycin was started 2 days later, the center should only report cefepime as the first antibacterial infection prophylaxis drug.

Ensure the start date for any medications reported reflects the first date the drug was administered. Refer to the medication administration record to confirm the start date.

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