Complete Response (CR)1

All of the following:

  • No evidence of lymphadenopathy2
  • No organomegaly
  • Neutrophils ≥ 1.5 × 109/L
  • Platelets > 100 × 109/L
  • Hemoglobin > 11 g/dL
  • Lymphocytes < 4 × 109/L
  • Bone marrow < 30% lymphocytes
  • Absence of constitutional symptoms (including weight loss, fever, and night sweats)

1 Hallek, M., Cheson, B. D., Catovsky, D., Caligaris-Cappio, F., Dighiero, G., Döhner, H., … & Kipps, T. J. (2008). Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia: a report from the International Workshop on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia updating the National Cancer Institute–Working Group 1996 guidelines. Blood, 111(12), 5446-5456.

2 Absence of significant lymphadenopathy (e.g., lymph nodes > 1.5 cm in diameter) by physical examination. In clinical trials, a CT scan of the abdomen, pelvis, and thorax is desirable if previously abnormal. Lymph nodes should not be larger than 1.5 cm in diameter.

Partial Response (PR)

All of the following, if applicable:

  • ≥ 50% decrease in peripheral blood lymphocyte count from pretreatment value
  • ≥ 50% reduction in lymphadenopathy if present pretreatment
  • ≥ 50% reduction in liver and/or spleen size if enlarged pretreatment

In addition, one or more of the following:

  • Neutrophils ≥ 1.5 ×109/L or 50% improvement over baseline
  • Platelets > 100 ×109/L or 50% improvement over baseline
  • Hemoglobin > 11 g/dL or 50% improvement over baseline

Stable Disease (SD)

No change (not complete response, partial response, or progressive disease)

Progressive Disease (Prog)

One or more of the following:

  • ≥ 50% increase in the sum of the products of ≥ 2 lymph nodes (≥ 1 lymph node must be ≥ 2 cm) or new nodes
  • ≥ 50% increase in liver or spleen size, or new hepatomegaly or splenomegaly
  • ≥ 50% increase in absolute lymphocyte count to ≥ 5 ×109/L
  • Transformation to a more aggressive histology

Report relapse from CR using this response indicator.


No chemotherapy given in the six months prior to the HCT

Not Assessed

No evaluation performed

Source: Cheson BD, Bennett JM, Greever M, Kay N, Keating MJ, O’Brien S, Rai KR. National Cancer Institute-Sponsored Working Group guidelines for chronic lymphocytic leukemia: revised guidelines for diagnosis and treatment. Blood 1996 87(12):4990-7.

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