The following list of data fields have been identified as being critical to accurate outcome analyses. These fields are audited for each recipient selected for audit. The table below is a summary of many of the critical data points grouped by data field type. Critical fields are regularly reviewed and updated; therefore, the list below includes the critical fields for the most current revisions of the forms. Since the audit process reviews data reported over four years (including older form revisions), critical fields reviewed as part of the audit may differ from the summary below. For a complete list of current data collection forms (including form numbers and names) visit the CIBMTR website.

Field Form(s)
Demographics Data
Recipient Date of Birth 2400
Recipient Race and Ethnicity 2400
Product and Infusion Data
Infusion date Appears on multiple CIBMTR forms
Previous transplants 2010 – 2045 (comprehensive disease
specific pre-transplant forms), 2055, 2400
Infusion times 2006
Total volume infused 2006
Entire volume of product infused (what
happened to the reserved)
Adverse events associated with infusion 2006
HCT product type Appears on multiple CIBMTR forms
Donor identification 2006
Pre-collection therapy 2006
IRB-approved consent for submitting
IRB-approved consent to donate
research blood samples
Product Manipulation and Analysis
Product manipulation and thaw 2006, 2400
Methods of manipulation 2006
Product thaw information 2006
Tumor cells detected in recipient or
product prior to HCT (autologous HCT)
Selected product analysis data
including timepoint, volume, and certain
cell counts
Clinical Status of Recipient
Karnofsky / Lansky score 2100, 2400
Recipient blood type 2000
Hematologic findings prior to
preparative regimen
CMV 2000
Disease specific staging 2013, 2016
Pre-HCT Preparative Regimen and Lines of Therapy
Preparative regimen prescribed 2000, 2400
Classify recipient’s prescribed
preparative regimen
2000, 2400
Date preparative regimen began 2000, 2400
Preparative regimen drugs 2000, 2400
Irradiation performed 2000
Pharmacokinetics performed to
determine dosing
Pre-HCT or pre-infusion therapy Appears on multiple pre-HCT CIBMTR
Select GVHD prophylaxis drugs 2400
Acute and chronic GVHD develop /
2100, 2450
Grading, staging, onset, and extent of
GVHD, including dates
2100, 2450
Preventative therapy used after
preparative regimen
Recipient still receiving therapy at date
of contact
2100, 2450
Post-HCT Disease Therapy
Additional post-HCT therapy planned 2400
Subsequent transplant / cellular therapy 2100, 2400, 2450
Therapy / intervention given in reporting
2110-2145 (comprehensive disease
specific post-transplant forms), 2450
Primary Disease for HCT
Date of diagnosis 2010-2045, 2055, 2402
Primary disease for which the HCT was
performed, including classification /
2010-2045, 2110-2145, 2402
Predisposing condition / therapy related 2010-2045, 2402
Laboratory studies, cytogenetic
abnormalities, molecular markers,
immunohistochemical stains, and flow
cytometry assessed prior to HCT
2010-2045, 2402
Histologic transformation (date of
transformaton and disease
Disease Status
Disease status at diagnosis and prior to
preparative regimen including remission
2010-2045, 2402
Laboratory studies prior to preparative
regimen (monocyte, blasts, etc.)
Disease status at day 30 2127
Clinical / hematologic, molecular, flow,
and cytogenetic relapse or progression
including pertinent dates
2010-2045, 2110-2145, 2402, 2450
Best response to HCT and date best
response first began
2110-2145, 2450
Best response: Clinical / hematologic
2110-2145, 2450
Best response and disease assessment
at the time of evaluation: Molecular,
flow, cytogenetic, FISH, and
Current disease status and date
2110-2145, 2155, 2450
Date of actual contact and survival
2100, 2450
Date of death and cause of death 2100, 2450, 2900
ANC Recovery
Evidence of initial hematopoietic
recovery and date
2100, 2450
ANC subsequent decline after recovery 2100
Diagnosis of new malignancy,
lymphoproliferative or myeloproliferative
disease / disorder, development of VOD /
2100, 2450
Solid organ transplant in reporting
Who is being tested for IDMs/HLA 2004, 2005, 2047
History of infection at any time prior to
start of preparative regimen

Appendix M – Critical Data Fields

Last modified: Aug 07, 2020

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