The Recipient Death Data (Form 2900) captures cause of death data fields for recipients on the Comprehensive Report Form follow-up track and the cellular therapy track. The leading cause of post-infusion mortality is persistent, recurrent, or relapsed primary disease. Other common causes of death include graft-versus-host disease, infection, and organ failure. As hematopoietic cell transplant and cellular therapies evolve, reporting accurate cause of death data is important to investigating the variables that are associated with post-infusion outcomes.

If “dead” is reported as the current survival status at the date of last contact on the Post-HCT Data (Form 2100) or the Cellular Therapy Essential Data Follow-Up (Form 4100) at the 100 day, six month and yearly time points, complete the Recipient Death Data (Form 2900) as soon as possible after the recipient has died.

Lost to Follow-Up

Occasionally, centers may lose contact with recipients for a variety of reasons, including the recipient’s moving, changing physicians, or death. After attempts to contact the recipient or referring physician have failed, the recipient may be declared lost to follow-up. If your center later receives documentation that a recipient is dead, report this on the appropriate follow-up form for the time period in which the recipient died. This may require contacting your CRC to open a form for completion. For example, a center may only become aware of the death after it has reported that the recipient is lost to follow-up. If a recipient dies a year and a half after transplant with no contact at your center, and a lost to follow-up form is reported for the two-year time point, your CRC should be contacted to make the two-year follow-up form due.

Q1-4: Recipient Death Data
Cause of Death Codes

Manual Updates:
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Date Manual Section Add/Remove/Modify Description
3/9/2021 2900: Recipient Death Add Primary Cause of Death blue note box added above question 4: Primary Cause of Death: Report the primary cause of death based on the physician’s determination. If the cause of death is unclear, seek physician clarification to determine the appropriate cause of death/
1/25/2019 2900: Recipient Death Modify Version 3 of the 2900: Recipient Death section of the Forms Instructions Manual released. Version 3 corresponds to revision 4 of the Form 2900.
Last modified: Mar 09, 2021

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