All transplant centers participating in the CIBMTR must submit a Pre-TED (2400) Form for each allogeneic (related or unrelated) hematopoietic cell transplant (HCT). The Pre-TED is a requirement of the SCTOD for all United States transplant centers when either the stem cell donation or the transplant occurs within the United States. For more information regarding the SCTOD, see General Instructions, Stem Cell Therapeutics Outcomes Database.

Although data regarding recipients receiving autologous HCT are not required to be submitted as part of the C.W. Bill Young Transplant Program, the CIBMTR is highly committed to collecting data on these recipients for research studies. Centers choosing to report autologous data to the CIBMTR must report on all autologous transplants performed at their center. For more information regarding data reporting for autologous HCT, see HCT

The Pre-TED may be submitted to the CIBMTR up to two weeks prior to the start of the recipient’s preparative regimen (see Helpful Hint below).

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For recipients receiving a subsequent HCT:
Transplant centers must submit a Pre-TED for all subsequent HCTs; this includes recipients assigned to the TED Forms and the Comprehensive Report Forms by the form selection algorithm.

For the majority of subsequent HCTs, the recipient will remain on the original follow-up form track assigned by the form selection algorithm. For more information regarding center type and the form selection algorithm, see Section 1 in the Center Reference Guide. A recipient may need to change tracks if enrolled on a study that requires comprehensive forms.

For recipients of multiple transplants, transplant centers are not granted access to the new Pre-TED Form in FormsNet3 until the Post-TED (Form 2450) or Post-Infusion Data Form (Form 2100) from the previous transplant has been completed.

Transplant centers can use the FormsNet3 application to determine if a Pre-TED is due by either: 1) accessing the Forms Due Report, or 2) entering the recipient’s unique ID (CRID) in the Patient Forms Due field.

Links to Sections of the Form:
Q1-23: Recipient Information
Q24-43: Hematopoietic Cellular Transplant (HCT) and Cellular Therapy
Q44-82: Donor Information
Q83-86: Clinical Status of Recipient Prior to the Preparative Regimen
Q87-120: Comorbid Conditions
Q121-135: Pre-HCT Preparative Regimen
Q136-144: Additional Drugs Given in the Peri-Transplant Period
Q145-147: GVHD Prophylaxis
Q146-150: Post-HCT Disease Therapy Planned as of Day 0
Q151: Prior Exposure: Potential Study Eligibility

Manual Updates:
Sections of the Forms Instruction Manual are frequently updated. The most recent updates to the manual can be found below. For additional information, select the manual section and review the updated text.

If you need to reference the historical Manual Change History for this form, please click here or reference the retired manual section on the Retired Forms Manuals webpage.

Date Manual Section Add/Remove/Modify Description
4/8/2022 2400: Pre-TED Add Clarification added on what to report if vaccine brand is Unknown: For the reported dose, specify the vaccine brand the recipient received. If the vaccine brand is not listed, select Other type and specify in question 92. If the vaccine brand is unknown, leave the field blank and override the error as Unknown.
4/8/2022 2400: Pre-TED Add Reporting a COVID-19 Vaccine for Subsequent Infusions: Indicate if the recipient received a vaccine for COVID-19 (one dose without a planned second dose, first dose with planned second dose, second dose, third dose, and / or booster dose) at any time prior to the start of the preparative regimen / infusion. This includes one dose without a planned second dose, first, second, and / or third dose, and a booster dose.
If the recipient did not receive a vaccine for COVID-19 or it is not known if the recipient received a vaccine, select No or Unknown, respectively, and continue with question 95.
If this is a subsequent infusion and all vaccine doses have already been reported on previous forms, select No and continue with question 95.
If this is a subsequent infusion and some, but not all vaccine doses have already been reported on previous forms select Yes and only report the vaccine doses not previously reported.
4/8/2022 2400: Pre-TED Add Clarification added on reporting COVID-19 infections for subsequent infusions & possible reporting scenarios: If this is a subsequent infusion and the documented COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) infection was already reported on previous forms, report No and continue with question 90:
+Possible Reporting Scenarios: An infection should be reported if: A recipient has a positive antibody result. They do not have a history of positive COVID diagnostic results (PCR or antigen); The recipient was symptomatic and treated, but COVID-19 diagnostic testing was not performed and / or COVID diagnostic testing was performed and negative. An infection should not be reported if: A recipient has a positive COVID diagnostic result (PCR or antigen). No treatment was given and/or recipient was asymptomatic.
4/7/2022 2400: Pre-TED Add Third dose versus Booster dose blue box added above question 55 – 56 for clarification: Third dose versus Booster dose: To determine between a third dose and a booster dose, seek clinician clarification, as needed, using the guidelines listed below:
Third dose: An additional primary dose required for recipients who did not build enough protection from their primary vaccine series, typically for immunocompromised individuals
Booster dose: Administered to recipients who have enough protection after completing their primary vaccine series but then protection decreases over time
Primary vaccine series: Two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna; One dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen.
3/27/2022 2400: Pre-TED Remove Updated red box above question 145 for when GVHD prophylaxis questions are required to be answered: The following GVHD prophylaxis questions are to be completed for allogeneic HCTs only. Autologous and syngeneic HCTs continue with question 148.
3/27/2022 2400: Pre-TED Add Clarified skin malignancy should be reported as a prior malignancy in question 101: Prior Malignancy, specify: Any solid tumor(s), and / or hematologic malignancy(ies), and / or skin malignancy (ies) that have been treated at any time point in the patient’s past history. A history of any benign tumor(s) should not be reported
3/24/2022 2400: Pre-TED Add COVID-19 Vaccine blue box added above question 90: COVID-19 Vaccine: If the recipient received a COVID-19 vaccine at any time prior to October 2021 (before the COVID-19 vaccine questions were available on the Pre-TED (2400) form), select Yes for question 90 at the first opportunity this form becomes available. When reporting the vaccine date, report the actual date the recipient received the vaccine.
2/28/2022 2400: Pre-TED Add Instruction added to question 22 on what to report for subject ID for recipients enrolled in the CMS studies: Enter the recipient’s USIDNET, COG, or other sponsor Subject ID. If the recipient is participating in a BMT-CTN study and the EMMES ID is known, enter it here. If the recipient is participating in an RCI-BMT study, enter the Subject ID given at the time of successful enrollment. Recipients enrolled in CIBMTR’s CMS studies should leave the subject ID blank.
10/29/2021 2400: Pre-TED Modify Version 8 of the 2400: Pre-TED section of the Forms Instruction Manual released. Version 8 corresponds to revision 9 of the Form 2400.
Last modified: Apr 08, 2022

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