In an effort to collect data on the impact of the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic on our transplant and cellular therapy recipients, CIBMTR released the Respiratory Virus Post-Infusion Data (2149) Form. This form captures information regarding the diagnosis, treatment, and response to treatment of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) diagnosed after a transplant or cellular therapy infusion. This form is completed when COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is reported as an infectious organism or cause of death (primary or contributing) on the Post-HCT Follow-Up (2100), Post-TED (2450), Recipient Death (2900), or Cellular Therapy Essential Data Follow-Up (4100) forms.

The Respiratory Virus Post-Infusion Data (2149) Form will also have the option to be created on-demand (on-demand is when a form can be generated at any time). We are encouraging centers to generate this form on-demand as soon as it is known when a recipient has been diagnosed with COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2).

Examples of when to use the on-demand function:

  • A CRF track recipient is six years post-transplant and the next Post-HCT Follow-Up (2100) Form is not due for two more years; do not wait for the next Post-HCT Follow-Up (2100) Form to come due, submit the form as soon as the diagnosis is known.
  • Any TED track recipient known to be diagnosed with COVID-19 should have this form created on-demand as soon as the diagnosis is known.

This form will be completed at two timepoints, “Initial” and “Follow-up”:

  • Initial Form Submission: reported data should be between 7 days prior to and up to 14 days after the date of diagnosis.
  • Follow-Up Form Submission: reported data should be between the date of evaluation (from the initial form submission) to the date of the infection resolution (or day of death).

Links to Form Sections:
Q1-10: Infection Diagnosis
Q11-24: Hematologic Findings at Diagnosis of Infection
Q25-40: Therapy

Manual Updates:
Sections of the Forms Instruction Manual are frequently updated. The most recent updates to the manual can be found below. For additional information, select the manual section and review the updated text.

If you need to reference the historical Manual Change History for this form, reference the retired manual section on the Retired Forms Manuals webpage.

Date Manual Section Add/Remove/Modify Description
7/8/2020 2149: Respiratory Virus Post-Infusion Data Add Provided information on CRISPR testing for questions 2 – 3: Nasal swab / wash: a sample is collected from the nose using a swab or a small amount of saline solution. The sample is tested via polymerase chain reaction techniques that quantify the amount of viral RNA present or using novel CRISPR testing from respiratory swab RNA extracts. If the amount of viral RNA is above the upper limit of normal (found on the laboratory report), the result will be considered positive for the virus being tested. If the testing report does not clearly indicate whether the result was positive, negative, or equivocal, contact your center’s lab for clarification.
5/10/2020 2149: Respiratory Virus Post-Infusion Data Add Version 1 of the 2149: Respiratory Virus Post-Infusion Data section of the Forms Instruction Manual released. Version 1 corresponds to revision 1 of the Form 2149.
Last modified: Jul 08, 2020

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