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For Transplant Investigators

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Statistical Support for Transplant Investigators

In addition to supporting investigators conducting CIBMTR observational studies, the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Division of Biostatistics, together with the CIBMTR, offers statistical support to investigators conducting studies on hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT), immunobiology, and other uses of hematopoietic stem cells, such as cardiac or central nervous system regeneration.

Statistical support

Transplant investigators can access a variety of statistical support, including:

  • Assistance with the design and analysis of clinical trials, observational studies, surveys
  • Assistance with public databases, sample size and power calculations
  • Data analysis, interpretation and manuscript preparation
  • Preparation of grants
  • Preparation of proposals for private research foundations

Statistical expertise

The MCW Division of Biostatistics has state-of-the-art statistical software packages and computing facilities. In addition to their work with the CIBMTR, MCW has a Biostatistics Consulting Center that offers comprehensive statistical consulting, computing, and data entry services to clients from academic institutions, government agencies and private industry.

Mei-Jie Zhang, PhD, serves as Chief Statistical Director of the CIBMTR and is also a Professor of the Division of Biostatistics at MCW. He has published methodology research that addresses the analysis of post-HCT outcomes. Other faculty members provide additional expertise in:

  • Clinical trials
  • Bayesian methodology
  • Image analysis
  • Multiple comparisons
  • Statistical genetics
  • Model selection, high dimensional variable selection and post-variable selection inference
  • Statistical leaning for data mining, inference and prediction

Statistical resources

Researchers may benefit from the wide variety of resources offered by the MCW Division of Biostatistics. Visit the MCW Division of Biostatistics website to learn more about:

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