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Research Tools

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Research Tools

The CIBMTR has created several tools and calculators, which are available to CIBMTR community users. These tools were created utilizing data in the CIBMTR Research Database, which includes information on more than 500,000 transplant recipients.

The Disease Risk Index (DRI) and VOD Risk Calculator tools can be viewed on the CIBMTR website. All other tools can be viewed on the CIBMTR Portal, a specialized and secure, password-protected area for CIBMTR community users.

As an authorized user, you may view, analyze, or download information for your center by accessing different applications on the Portal:

  • CVDR (Center Volumes Data Report): View details regarding your center’s transplant volume in prior years.
  • Survival Calculator: Create a one-year predicted survival for allogeneic transplants based on the three-year transplant center specific survival dataset. (This application is only available to Medical Directors, Institutional Review Board Principal Investigators, Physicians and Center Administrators. Access may be granted with the consent of your Medical Director.)
  • DBtC (Data Back to Centers): Access TED-level data your center submitted through FormsNet.
  • eDBtC (enhanced Data Back to Centers): Analyze, filter, or download select center CRF- and TED-level data from 2008 to present.
  • CPA (Center Performance Analytics): Comparatively analyze your transplant center specific survival data with aggregated data from other US centers. (This application is only available to Medical Directors, Institutional Review Board Principal Investigators, Center Administrators and Primary Contacts such as Lead Data Professionals or Data Managers.)
  • Audit Data: Historical records of CIBMTR audit reports and accompanying documents.
  • Data for Request for Information (RFI). Data for RFI is a QlikView / Microsoft Excel solution that utilizes the standard reporting format developed by ASBMT and provides US centers with the ability to access, view, reconcile, and format data previously submitted to the CIBMTR to fulfill the center's annual obligation to share outcomes data with third party payers and external organizations.

To access the CIBMTR Portal and its applications, you must have an NMDP user account. The primary data manager or medical director at your site is able to create an account for you in the Network Partner Portal. The access granted is based on the role you are given in the system. If you have trouble accessing the system after an account is created, please put in a support ticket via CIBMTR Center Support.

If you have questions related to these tools, please submit a support ticket via CIBMTR Center Support or, if you have no access, email

Patients: Contact your healthcare provider immediately for reports of problems with your treatment or problems with products received for your treatment. The CIBMTR uses de-identified data and is unable to associate reported treatment problems, adverse events, or corrections of information with a center, clinical trial or healthcare provider.  

Last Updated: 11/19/2020 12:14 PM