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Sharing knowledge. Sharing Hope.
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About Us


Denise Bellman

Denise Bellman of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has been working in data management since 1996 and has been a mentor since 2000. Her center averages over 100 transplants per year and there are three people working on the data management team.

She wanted to be a mentor to have a platform that other data managers could ask questions, get help filling out forms or just support in making their center efficient in the way they collect and distribute data.

She says the benefits of being a mentor are learning from other centers, getting new ideas, helping other centers with their issues, giving back to the CIBMTR/NMDP, and networking.

She thinks some of the most challenging things for new data managers are finding ways to gather information from their center to get source documents to fill out forms and getting their director on board and keeping them in the loop if the data managers have problems or questions.

Outside of work she enjoys golf and spending time at the park.

Joshua Boss

Joshua Boss has been working in data management since 2015 and became a mentor in 2018. His center, Methodist Healthcare Blood and Marrow Transplant Center, averages 90 transplants per year and he is part of a two-member data management team.

He wanted to be a mentor because he enjoys helping others and learns the best when he can talk an issue or a problem through with someone. He felt that he learned best from other data managers when he started his new role.

Joshua’s center has made drastic changes in a short period so he feels that the challenges of a growing center are many. Sharing ideas with other data managers helps everyone get better at what they do and ultimately leads to better patient care.
Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his dog, hiking and travel.

Elizabeth Nelson

Elizabeth Nelson has been working in data management since 2012 and has been a mentor since 2013. She works at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where there are three people on the data management team. They average over 100 transplants per year.

She wanted to be a mentor because she loves helping others, and really enjoys teaching. She thought this was a great way to get to know data managers across other centers as well.

Being a mentor means she has to stay current on updates to forms and the instructions manual, which she thinks helps her in her day-to-day job. She also thinks it is great to get to know other data managers at other centers to help increase her professional network.

She thinks as a new data manager, it can be really overwhelming to learn all different forms and what the questions are really asking for. It also is hard at first to understand the "why" of what we're doing and how everything connects.

When she’s not working she enjoys cooking, yoga, walking her dog, traveling, and reading.

Last Updated: 7/19/2018 1:21 PM