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 Newsletters and eBlasts


Newsletter content is a collaborative effort of several CIBMTR departments who want to keep our network of data managers informed on data submission updates, available training, and pertinent news. 


2019 Newsletters
August (Donor)​Center Support Update, OKTA Password
​July​Center Metrics Updates, Center Support Update, Qlikview® eDBtC: What’s New!, Forms Revision Update, OKTA Password
May (Donor)​Introducing the Center Support Model, Forms Revision Update
​April​2019 Oral Abstract Award Recipient Clinical Research Professionals Data Management Conference, Introducing the Center Support Model, Critical Field Lists Available Now on the CIBMTR Portal, Forms Revision Update
January​Multiple Myeloma and Lymphoma Questions,
Specific Instructions for the Reporting of Flow Cytometry for Multiple Myeloma and Lymphoma have been REMOVED from the Forms Instruction Manual, The following forms are being revised / developed, Manual Helpful Hints: Red and Blue Callout Boxes


2018 Newsletters
July​New Survival (SUR) Form Status, eLearning modules available in Spanish, TCT Meetings Save the Date, CIBMTR Forms Instruction Manuals
May​FornsNet3 Training Tip on Reporting Cytogenetics, Two eLearning modules for Lymphoma, LDAP Password Reset, RSA SecurID "Soft-Token', 2018 Oral Abstract Award Recipient, CIBMTR Forms Instruction Manuals
March​New eLearning on Reporting NMDP Facilitated Related Donors, Revised eLearning on Cellular Therapy Forms Submission, CPI Updates in the Data Management Guide
January​New eLearning on Presentation Tips, Revised eLearning, Center Performance Analytics (CPA) Update, Forms Instruction Manual, Form Updates


2017 Newsletters
November​Revised eLearning, eDBtC Tips and Tricks, CIBMTR Data Management Guide, Form Updates
September​Pre-TED Form 2400 R.5, Missing IDs, Recipient Update Forms to be Discontinued, Abstract Submission 
July​Certificate of Completion, eLearning Repair with Google and Adobe Flash, New eLearning's, eDBtC and CPA Bookmarking, Forms Due for Revision
April​New HLA Series, Oral Abstract Award Recipient, Mentor's Webpage, New Application Release - Data for RFI​​​
February​Online Training Relocated, New eLearning for Cellular Therapy Forms


2016 Newsletters
​November​FACT / CIBMTR Audit Collaboration, New elearning
April / MayCIBMTR began using the FormsNet Query Function to request data corrections whenever possible.
​​March​New eDBTC and Oral Abstracts Process


2015 Newsletters
​October​New elearning, Revised Guide, Exam Font Size, Maximum Attempts
September​New eLearning
​July / AugustCenter information Maintenance, New eLearning, Access the Learning Center
June​What's New Recap, Now in the Learning Center
April / ​​MayTest Yourself, What's New Recap
March​New Learning Center, Hot Topics, Janet's Inbox
FebruaryAbstract Finalists
​January​Tips from CRC's


2014 Newsletters
DecemberTips from CRC's
​November​AML and MDS Subtypes
October​CIBMTR Training, New eLearning
August / September​New Addition to Forms Instruction Manual
​July​New eLearning
May / June​Reporting Cause of Death
​April​Quiz Yourself
March​Online Training Webpage, Learning Management system, Data Management Manual Changes
February​Reporting Acute GVHD on CIBMTR Forms
January​Data Back to Center (DBtC) Version 1.5


2013 Newsletters
November​Communication Data Management Manual Changes
​October​Error Correction, Enter the Learning Management System
September​Transplant Center Site Visits
July / August​Updating NMDP Recipient ID (RID)
JuneMeet the Co-Chairs, Mentors Statement of Purpose
May​Data Managers Q and A
April​What to Expect . . . When Expecting an Audit
​March​What kind of Learner are you?
February​What Should I do First?
January​FormsNet3 Frequently Asked Questions


​August 30, 2019Automated Reports
​August 22, 2019​Time Sensitive: CPI and ServiceNow Portal Updates
​August 15, 2019​Recipient Contact Information form F2820
​August 14, 2019Improved data query resolution process
​August 2, 2019Revised Forms are Now Available in FormsNet3
​July 3, 2019Forms scheduled for release in FormsNet3
​July 1, 2019CIBMTR Center Support will be closed
​June 27, 2019 ​Forms to be Revised
​May 21, 2019ServiceNow Go Live- Tomorrow!
​May 8, 2019FIM Updates April 2019
​April 29, 2019Revised forms released in FormsNet3- April 2019
​April 12, 2019Forms scheduled for release in FormsNet3- April 2019
​April 12, 2019FIM Updates Feb-March 2019
​April 1, 2019Reporting CT Infusions
​March 28, 2019 ​Global Registration Identifier for Donors (GRID) at the NMDP / Be The Match
​February 6, 2019 ​Corporate Studies and Registries Forms Due Process
​February 5, 2019January 2019 Forms Instruction Manual Updates
​January 26, 2019Revised Forms are now available in FormsNet3
​January 17, 2019 ​December 2018 Forms Instruction Manual Updates
​January 15, 2019 ​Forms Scheduled for the Release in FormsNet3
​January 3, 2019Specific Instructions for Reporting of Flow Cytometry for Multiple Myeloma and Lymphoma has been REMOVED from the Forms Instructional Manual
​December 4, 2018 ​Forms Instruction Manual Updates - November 2018
​November 30, 2018Volunteers needed
​November 2, 2018 ​Forms Instruction Manual Updates - October 2018
​November 1, 2018 
​Forms to be Revised
​October 18, 2018
​​August/September 2018 Forms Instruction Manual Updates
​October 18, 2018Karnofsky/Lansky Performance Score vs. ECOG Performance Score
​October 15, 2018 ​Forms scheduled for release in FormsNet3
​August 13, 2018 ​Forms Instruction Manual Updates - July 2018
​July 25, 2018 ​Revised Forms are Now Available in FormsNet3 MA
​July 19, 2018 ​New Form Status - Survival July 25, 2018
​July 12, 2018 ​Forms Instruction Manual Updates
​July 11, 2018Forms scheduled for release in FormsNet3
​June 5, 2018 ​Forms Instruction Manual Updates
​May 9, 2018 Forms Instruction Manual Updates
​May 2, 2018
​Revised forms are now available in FormsNet3
​March 1, 2018
​Save the Date February 2019 Clinical Research Professionals / Data Management Conference
​February 28, 2018 ​Instructions for Gaining CIBMTR Audit Portal Access
​February 1, 2018Forms Instruction Manual Updates
​January 31, 2018New and revised forms are now available in FormsNet3
​September 29, 2017New Forms Released in FormsNet3
​July 26, 2017Revised forms are now available in FormsNet3
​July 20, 2017 Introducing the CIBMTR Data Management Guide
​July 19, 2017 ​Correction from 7.18.17 eBlastThis eBlast includes missing ALL Forms 2011/2111
​July 18, 2017 ​Forms scheduled for release in FormsNet3
​March 2, 2017Forms to be Revised
​February 3, 2017 ​Pre-TED Disease Classification Form (Form 2402): Transformation to Myelofibrosis
​February 1, 2017New and revised forms are now available in FormsNet3
​January 17, 2017Consecutive Reporting of HCTs to CIBMTR
​January 12, 2017 Forms Scheduled for Release in FormsNet3
​December 14, 2016New Date of Contact Validation
July 27, 2016
July 22, 2016 Forms Release
July 8, 2016 Cellular Therapy Data Registry
June 21, 2016 Research Sample Submission
April 27, 2016 Post-Ted (Form 2450) Editable in FormsNet
April 14, 2016 New Query Functionality Feature
January 26, 2016 New FormsNet3 Feature
November 17, 2015 We're Moving
September 15, 2015 New Section in Forms Instruction Manual
September 1, 2015 New Section in Forms Instruction
June 16, 2015 New Error Correction Form Process
​May 12, 2015 ​Training 2804 and 2814
​May 7, 2015New Pre-TED Form 2400 Requirement
​April 29, 2015New Forms Release Coming
​March 18, 2015Follow-up to Myeloma CR eBlast
March 12, 2015

​#2 Reporting Pre-Transplant Morbidities
#1 Reporting CR for Multiple Myeloma

​September 30, 2014When to use the "Not Approached" Option
​September 5, 2014ANC Recovery date reporting
​July 15, 2014

Disease Status Criteria - VGPR
Changes in Reporting Donor Information

July 19, 2013 Forms Reimbursement

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