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Center Information Management

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CIBMTR Center Information Management

Updates to Center and Staff Information

CIBMTR needs to keep your staff and center information up-to-date in our database, which is separate from the NMDP/Be The Match database. Having correct information enables access to the CIBMTR Portal applications and ensures your staff gets important announcements and training information. Not doing so could result in loss of access to the data management staff maintenance tools. 

All changes in center and staff information must be submitted by your center's primary contact or medical director to - or your CRC. Please include your CIBMTR center number (CCN) in all email correspondence. Examples include:

  • New staff members
    • Full name, email, and job role
  • Changes in job roles at the center
    • Is someone taking over as primary contact?
    • Is there a new medical director?
  • Departing staff
    • If applicable, include information about who is taking over their role
  • Basic contact information changes
    • Name, title, job role, email, etc.
  • Center changes
    • New center address, change in transplant types performed, etc.

CIBMTR/Be The Match Systems Application Access

There is a two-step process for FormsNet3 or other Be The Match System application access requests. Both steps must be completed for each new user. The registered Center Primary Data Contact must:

1) Submit a User Access Form to make an account request change. Once logged into the site, click on "My Account" and find the User Access Form link under "Manage Users" on the right side of the page. After the request is submitted and approved, a SecurID is sent to the new user.

2) Once the new user receives the SecurID, the new user or the Center's Primary Contact must then call the Service Desk to obtain the username and password.

Some individuals (medical directors, IRB PIs) may not need to use FormsNet. It is not necessary to complete the User Access Form for those people. Simply email here with that communication to CIBMTR.

Other examples for submitting a User Access Form:

  • modify or delete user accounts
  • update names and email addresses in applications
  • make changes to security roles
  • transfer the Primary Contact role to a new person before departure

NOTE: CIBMTR requests that centers communicate your staff changes both ways, through the User Access Form and additionally by emailing the same information to because the form and the email unfortunately don't get delivered to the same place. So that CIBMTR receives this essential information as well, we must ask our centers to send your changes both ways. Thank you for your help with this. 

Last Updated: 12/18/2017 1:28 PM