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Data Back to Centers

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Data Back to Centers

As part of its “enter once, use often” strategy for data management, CIBMTR has developed Web-based applications that allow centers to access their own previously submitted data.

  • The Enhanced Data Back to Center (eDBtC) application represents a complete redesign of DBtC. eDBtC provides users with self-service access to a valuable subset of their most commonly used TED and comprehensive report (CRF) form data from 2008 to present and includes functionality to view descriptive statistics and outcomes, as well as filter and analyze data subsets of interest. Robust visualization features provide options for viewing data in a chart or table and export options permit download of these data in Excel file formats.
  • The original Data Back to Center (DBtC) application provides a quick and easy way to download data submitted to CIBMTR through FormsNet, IBMTR and NMDP legacy data (pre-December 2007). DBtC provides all TED and TED level equivalent data since your center began reporting to CIBMTR.
    For data privacy purposes, access to the CIBMTR portal and the eDBtC and DBtC tools are restricted to authorized personnel at your center. In addition to being password protected, all data transmissions are encrypted for security.


The eDBtC and DBtC tool is accessible through the CIBMTR application portal at: To access the CIBMTR Portal and its applications, you must have an NMDP user account. The primary data manager or medical director at your site is able to create an account for you in the Network Partner Portal. The access granted is based on the role you are given in the system. If you have trouble accessing the system after an account is created, please put in a support ticket via CIBMTR Center Support.

For Portal Help:

Please put in a support ticket via CIBMTR Center Support.

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Last Updated: 11/19/2020 1:16 PM