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Cellular Immunotherapy Data Resource (CIDR) shares knowledge

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New cellular therapies, such as CAR-T cells, bring extraordinary chances to help people with cancer. The Cellular Immunotherapy Data Resource (CIDR) collects data about the long-term safety and efficacy of these therapies. In turn, CIDR will give unprecedented access to this data to a diverse group of clinicians, researchers, manufacturers, payers, regulators and the public. 

CIDR is part of national initiative 

The National Cancer Institute awarded CIBMTR a grant to operate the Cellular Immunotherapy Data Resource (CIDR). This is part of the Cancer Moonshot℠ to accelerate cancer research, under the Immuno-Oncology Translational Network (IOTN). The Cancer Moonshot℠ helps scientists in different organizations nationwide to join and quickly develop new immune therapies to prevent or cure cancer. 

Cellular Therapy Registry is already active 

Since 2016, the CIBMTR has operated the Cellular Therapy Registry, which collects data on cellular immunotherapies for cancer. Parallel to the CIBMTR’s data infrastructure for hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT), used mostly to treat blood cancers, the CIDR gathers data on cellular therapies for all cancers, including solid tumors.  

The Cellular Therapy Registry collects essential data on the baseline characteristics of patients, along with pre- and post-infusion data, infusion details, disease response, and outcomes. The data are analyzed and may be used to plan pre-clinical studies and clinical trials. 

CIDR Executive Committee  

The CIDR Executive Committee is a standalone committee with interaction with the CIBMTR Advisory Committee related to Working Committee activities. It oversees data collection forms, collaboration with treatment centers, the CICWC and the IOTN 

Cellular Immunotherapy for Cancer Working Committee (CICWC) 

The Cellular Immunotherapy for Cancer Working Committee oversees studies related to cellular immunotherapies.  

CIDR Stakeholders' Council

The CIDR Stakeholders' Council is comprised of members from the CIDR Executive Committee and representatives from professional societies, industry, payors, and patient advocacy groups. The Council has the opportunity to broaden the CIDR’s footprint in the cellular therapy field and serves as a forum to address issues common to all stakeholders. The Council advises the CIDR Executive Committee on initiatives and projects to maximize the utilization of this resource by the public at large.  

CIDR excels through our partners 

CIBMTR’s extensive expertise and established network of partnerships with physicians and data managers at transplant centers create synergy. There is strength in numbers. We are unified in our mission to improve access and outcomes for patients worldwide who receive cellular therapy.  

Congruent with CIBMTR practices, the CIDR grant enables us to: 
  • Develop data reporting strategies  
  • Manage the Cellular Therapy Registry 
  • Explore alternative approaches to capture and share data 
  • Optimize sharing of de-identified data with the stakeholders and the public 

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